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These are personal testimonies by individuals that are a part of The 50 Million Missing Campaign’s “Freedom Project.”  To read about The Freedom Project or to participate in it CLICK HERE.  To read the testimonies click on the links below.

Anonymous: In My Skin – Moving Past Child Sexual Abuse

Asha Kachru: Whatever my Family Thinks, I’m Happy I did it My Way!

Dimple Eric: She Sued Her Parents for Dumping Her Like Trash

Girendra Singh: As Father of a Dowry Victim, My Message To All Indian Women and Parents

Jasvinder Sanghera: She Saved Herself from a Forced Marriage and Rescues Other Women too!

Mitu’s Story: Tortured For Having Twin Girls

Neera Chopra: I Protected my Daughter as every Parent Should

Nita Bhalla: I have unsilenced the violence on Professional Women Like Me

Rita Banerji: Breaking the Silence Around My Grandmother’s Memories

Sohaila Abdulali: Being Raped was Terrible, but being Alive is More Important

Soraya Nulliah: My Art Speaks the Truth to the Violence I Witnessed and Survived

Sunita Choudhury: She ran Away as a Child Bride to Create her own Destiny

Suzette Jordan: My name is not “the Park Street Rape Victim”

Tapati Sen: She Fought for her Dignity and Freedom as a young Widow

The Suryanelli Gang Rape Survivor: Would I have got more public support had I Died?

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  1. ChangeAgent99 permalink
    September 24, 2013 3:40 pm

    This is something that is bigger than you or me; this is about changing the mindset of a nation – of multiple nations.
    Reading comments on this page illustrate the very obvious truths of our society, this is an issue that spans across many generations; past, present and future.
    It is only a matter of time for a revolution to begin where we no longer tolerate this activity and WE the power to bring about this change.
    I believe without a shadow of a doubt that as individuals we have compassion, strength and intelligence……..collectively image how we can change the world

  2. mebsworth2013 permalink
    September 27, 2013 12:18 pm

    India/China…. Why do you MURDER 1/2 Your People?? And they are the 1/2 that Make More of Your CULTURE!! Just because they Don’t Have A Penis??!!


  2. Sohaila Abdulali: Being #Raped Was Terrible, But Being Alive Is More Important | THE 50 MILLION MISSING CAMPAIGN BLOG ON INDIA'S FEMALE GENDERCIDE
  3. The #Suryanelli Gang #Rape Survivor: Would I Get More Support Had I Died? | THE 50 MILLION MISSING CAMPAIGN BLOG ON INDIA'S FEMALE GENDERCIDE
  4. Sohaila Abdulali: #Vergewaltigt zu werden war furchtbar, aber am Leben zu sein ist wichtiger | The 50 Million Missing Campaign: "50 Millionen verschwunden"
  5. La Survivante du #viol collectif de #Suryanelli : « Aurais-je reçu plus de soutien si j’avais perdu la vie ? » | The 50 Million Missing Campaign: Les 50 Millions Manquantes

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