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The 50 Million Missing Campaign is a zero fund campaign.  We have no buttons for donation, and we are not able to accept any if offered. If we are approached for medical or legal help for a victim, we try to facilitate it through one of the many funded NGOs that we check out first.  However, in cases such as Roopa’s, who was victim of a brutal dowry-related attempted murder, where no NGO or organization, nationally or internationally was willing to help, we felt obliged to intervene.  Roopa had been force-fed acid by her husband and in-laws, and was in need or urgent surgery or she would have died.  At that point various members of the campaign directly helped her parents who were very poor and couldn’t afford her medical bills.  Hence where monetary assistance is required, we direct people to directly give to the individual or family in need.

The reason for this policy is to keep the campaign free of certain restraints that often come about through donor dependency.  This also allows us  total freedom to pursue the cause of this campaign through whichever venue we think best serves it.

There are many who are skeptical if this can be done, and we are proof that it can be!  The 50 Million Missing is a fund-free, grassroots campaign that has grown organically via the internet since it was founded by Rita Banerji in December 2006.  Today it is the largest, worldwide campaign to end female genocide and has a grassroots support of close to 600,000 people from 200 countries.  We are hugely indebted to everyone who has helped it grow in its strength and mission.

We are SPECIALLY INDEBTED to all the following people and organizations that have supported us one way or another.  Most of the people below have put in time and effort towards various tasks/projects of this campaign, as with the monitoring or designing of our blog sites, the designing of posters,  writing posts for our blogs, helping with the gender survey, lobbying public support for our  special cases, giving direct financial assistance to a victim when needed,  providing medical or legal expertise for our cases, translating the campaign petition into numerous languages, translating for our blogs in other languages (see German), contributing photos for our on-line photo-exhibitions, being the ‘Voice of the Campaign’ at schools, colleges and other institutes, representing the campaign at conferences, highlighting it in newspapers and other media, and donating time, energy, creativity and resources as and when the need has arisen.  And of course, for their unwavering belief that they are a part of the change that is to come!



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  1. aveeshkumar permalink
    October 8, 2016 12:45 pm

    Dear Rita, Anytime you need any tech help – your own wordpress blog/newsletters or a tech opiniion – please feel free to get in touch. I have helped half dozen NGO’s – mostly outside India – in US and Jordan move from wordpress to self hosted blogs – mainly to have better control over how to connect with subscribers/email newsletters. all the best!


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