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We are specifically looking for submissions for the following:

1) Your views on gender in Indian films.  Or reviews of individual films. For details click here.

2) Freedom from violence stories about Indian women.  This could be your story or that of someone you know.  For more about our Freedom Project click here.

3) We will also consider general opinion/information articles on gender and violence/ discrimination on women and girls in India.  But we are looking for well researched, argued and structured articles with embedded information links.

4) Insert your submission in the comment box in the form below.  Include your name and a brief bio.  You can include your blog link and twitter handle. Copy and paste relevant links into the body of the text please.

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  1. Mimi Metcalfe permalink
    October 18, 2014 12:35 pm

    1. Start Bringing ALL Indian FEMALES Out of INDIA to the WEST where they won’t be seen

    as :

    a. Property b. Sex Toys c. Breeding Animals

    2. Indians are SMART and Can Be Powerful

    3. When there are NO MORE women, those men will have to THINK about it.

  2. mebsworth2013 permalink
    January 4, 2015 6:50 pm


    Dowry death
    Violence against women
    Acid throwing ·
    Breast ironing ·
    Bride burning ·
    Dating abuse (Date rape)
    Domestic violence – Marital rape
    Domestic violence and pregnancy
    Dowry death ·
    Honor killing ·
    Female genital mutilation (Gishiri cutting Infibulation)
    Female infanticide
    Foot binding
    Forced abortion
    Forced marriage
    Forced pregnancy
    Forced prostitution
    Genocidal rape
    Human trafficking
    Murder of pregnant women
    Rape (In campus )
    Corrective · Prison)
    Pregnancy from rape
    Sexual slavery
    Sexual violence
    Violence against prostitutes
    Outline of domestic violence
    Prevention and management

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