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August 2013: #Newspaper Reports of #Violence on #Women in #India


India: 143% spurt in rape by juveniles in India in the last 10 years

Arunachal Pradesh (Aug 29): Warden of a private boarding school is arrested for raping 14 minor girls in his care

Aurangabad (17 Aug 2013): College Student rapes the minor daughter of a farmer

Bangalore (5 Aug 2013): Woman brutally beaten to death for dowry by husband, professional with Photon Infotec and in-laws; still no arrests!

Bangalore (Aug 27): Another suspicious death of a young woman over dowry harassment and abuse! No suicide note found.  Husband and in-laws arrested.

Bengal: Sponsors of anti-rape campaign pull out fearing government reprisal

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (Aug 9): Father butchers 5 daughters; his wives and sons testify to protect him

Bombay (7 Aug 2013):  Life sentences awarded to the husband, parents-in-law and sister-in-law of a young woman who they beat to death and thrown into a well for dowry

Chandigarh (2 Aug 2013): Man arrested for raping a 2-yr-old

Chotikalasi, Haryana (Aug 29): The mother of a 15 year old Dalit gang rape victim is killed by the upper caste rapists because the girl’s family filed a complaint

Coimbatore (2 Aug 2013): Man gets 14 yrs rigorous imprisonment from the Mahila (Women’s) court for rape of 14 yr old

Delhi (Aug 27): 6 year old girl raped inside a temple

Government reports: Dowry murders rising in every state in India! 2002-12 only Lakshwadeep and Nagaland reported no dowry murders!

Gwalior (2 Aug 2013):  Man who threatens the family of a teenage girl he gang raped is lynched by a mob

Howrah, West Bengal (Aug 5): Class 6 student gang-raped and set on fire by rapists, identifies her rapists before her death

India’s fast track courts for criminal justice are also slow! One reason: 11 judges per million people!

Jharkhand, Bihar (24 Aug 2013): Female constable travelling with relatives is gang raped on the highway

Jodhpur (Aug 24): Spiritual guru Asaram accused of the rape of a 15-yr-old; 10 days on no arrests! Politicians protect him!

Kanpur (Aug 13, 2013): A 20-year-old woman commited suicide because of harassment for dowry by in-laws.

Katwa, Bengal (Aug 5): Young man shot dead trying to prevent the rape of his sisters by men who broke into their house

Kolkata, Bengal (Aug 6): Bikers attack and molest a woman bank manager on her way home

Kolkata, West Bengal (Aug 29): The husband and in-laws of a 26 year old woman who tortured her for dowry are arrested for strangulating her to death and trying to pass it off as suicide

Lucknow (5 Aug 2013): Woman poisoned to death for dowry; husband wanted additional Rs.50,000 and a motorcycle

Lucknow, U.P. (Aug 9): College student is gang raped by two of her classmates

Moodbidri, Karnataka (Aug 25): Cash and gold in dowry not enough! Husband abuses and render homeless his wife for more dowry money to open hotel!

Motihari, Bihar (9 Aug 2013): The most brutal killing of a young woman for dowry! Poisoned, then chopped up and burnt.

Mumbai (16 Aug 2013): 10-yr-old girl gang raped by teenage boys dies; boys out on bail, while their parents taunt the victim’s relatives

Mumbai (23 Aug 2013): 23-yr-old female photo journalist gang raped by 5 men while on an assignment

Mumbai (Aug 23): Female photographer gang raped while on assignment

Nagpur (5 Aug 2013): Tortured daily for dowry a young, pregnant housewife consumes poison and kills herself

Nagpur, Maharashtra (Aug 23): A young, pregnant women miscarries after she is routinely tortured by her husband and in-laws for dowry

Noida, Haryana (Aug 31): A woman who went to meet a realtor is gang raped by 5 men who barged into the office; two of the men were policemen

Orissa : Is state with highest number of Dowry related tortures and murders: 2624 dowry murders in the last  6 years. Rape is also reported to be on the rise.

Panchkula (2 Aug 2013): Woman burnt to death for dowry; family blocks the highway to force arrest of her husband and in-laws

Poona, Maharashtra (Aug 25): 11 year old girl raped and killed

Rajkot, Gujarat (25 Aug): Mother depressed about not having sons, sets herself and her daughters on fire

Ranchi, Bihar (24 Aug): Police woman gang raped by 3 men on the highway

Revelations from History: 83,000 (said to be a conservative estimate) women raped and sexually tortured during the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.

Rohtak (2 August 2013): 5 policemen sentenced (1-10 yrs) in the rape of a woman in the police station

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (22 Aug): Woman lawyer harassed for more dowry by doctor husband despite giving gold, diamonds, car and Rs.1500,000!

Vellore, Tamil Nadu (Aug 25): 14 year old girl raped by her uncle

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