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Endless Ghostly Sisters, You the 50 Million

July 30, 2014

anubhav gaurav2

by Hannah Spruce

Endless ghostly sisters, you the 50 million
who never existed. Missing    or    erased.
You, the womb rejected never had a voice.
At birth umbilical coils, snake-like
around your neck and mothers hands soft to him, strangle you.

And you, who married off at 8 die
at the hands of an incubus.
Thrusting grunting man, stranger-husband.
Yesterday in your village you danced,
in flowers that had time to bud and bloom.
Body not fully formed, seized by hands
four times as old as you, crushing
petal by petal torn inside and out,
withered before you had chance to bloom.

And you ghostly mother of two,
burnt alive, like a Salem witch with a
delinquent womb. Harbinger of
life and death perpetual slumber bringer baby girls,
imprisoned in a searing shrinking vault that screams,
and blisters flesh, frenzied by scorching allegations that you,
and your womb are not nurturers to family.

©Hannah Spruce 2014. All Rights Reserved.


Hannah Spruce is a Leeds based MA Contemporary Literature student, writer and poet. She is co-organiser of the monthly poetry and prose evening ‘Juice’, which was short listed for Leeds Metropolitan’s ‘Enterprise Award 2013/14’.
The above photo is by Anubhav Gaurav who is a supporting member of The 50 Million Missing Campaign’s Photographers Group on Flickr which is supported by more than 2400 photographers from around the world. To see more of each of Anubhav Gaurav’s works, please click here

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  1. July 30, 2014 8:04 pm

    Poetry, art, are great mediums to teach us. Why must we learn that women and men are but two wings of an single bird? Where have the moral lessons of the sages gone – gone up in smoke like the pot smoking modern sadhus? Who has come out of the Himalayan cave and proclaimed loudly that the exploitation of women can not be tolerated? Was Ahima just a tool for a black man in America to fight injustice? There is no spirituality in India, so let’s stop telling the world we are the guardian of truth and the keepers of the Vedas. We know nothing – we love the cow who nurtures the calf and kill the women who nurtures humanity. Humanity? only a dream. There is no civilization on the dusty Earth.

  2. August 4, 2014 11:11 am

    Thank you Hannah for evoking the emotions that people so often forget when faced with the massive statistics of what entails female gendercide. Thank you for reminding us that this is not just about numbers, but about people, about lives devastated, each of which we must account for.

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