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Lack of Toilets Doesn’t Cause Rape

July 9, 2014

Price of Silence

Numerous articles have chronicled the lack of proper sanitation in the weeks following the gang-rapes and lynching of two girls in Uttar Pradesh. NPR’s Julie McCarthy in the United States penned,”How A Lack Of Toilets Puts India’s Women At Risk Of Assault.” In the article McCarthy relays the sentiment Guddo Devi, the cousin of the two girls murdered in Uttar Pradesh: “When we step out of the house we are scared,” Devi says. “And we have to go in the mornings, in the evenings, and when we cannot stop ourselves, at times we go in the afternoons as well. … And there are no bathrooms. We don’t have any kind of facility. We have to go out.”

In another version of this article published in India’s Deccan Herald, reporter Nilanjana S Roy notes that having a toilet, “affects women’s ability to work, their safety (many rapes in slums and rural…

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  1. Samir Chatterjee permalink
    July 12, 2014 1:20 am

    It is of course a scandal that millions of rural Indian women have no toilets and therefore have no physical safety while relieving themselves. We are all subject to our environment. It is bad for rural men as well but at least they are not so likely to be raped. India’s Rural Development Minister should provide those toilets, if necessary, by raising money by taxes. India should have been able to provide this for its people during the last 67 years after independence. We need to improve and enhance our environment while we impart gender training to Indian men for sexual equality. There is no other alternative.

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