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Chetan Bhagat: Politicians Don’t Really Care for #India’s #Women #Voters

February 22, 2014

by Chetan Bhagat

Why is the real solution to women’s empowerment [in India] unlikely to come from the political class?…Well, [because] any step [by the government] to women’s empowerment that doesn’t conflict with men might see the light of the day… steps [that] do not impinge on the great Indian man.

Voting for Delhi Assembly[So] while you may educate women, how will you ensure employers do not discriminate between men and women recruits? You may be able to save a girl child from being aborted, but how will you ensure the child is looked after as well as a male child? You may have a policeman who can arrest a molester, but how will you stop groups of men from leering at a woman in a bus, and making her feel uncomfortable ? How do you explain to men that a woman has the right to wear attractive clothes, or perhaps even look sexy, but not be deemed as ‘asking for it?’ These are uncomfortable questions, and the answer lies in altering male attitudes and behavior.

Indian men have to learn …[the] country [belongs to] women [too]. They have to accept that there may be fewer opportunities for them on the career front, because women will take some of them. … Men have to learn to live with a sense of powerlessness when it comes to being rejected by a woman [else it is stalking and sexual harassment!]. Until all this happens, women are not going to get empowered. Unfortunately, no politician will take on the men to make this happen. Politicians want to woo the aam admi [the average Indian man] [and not the Aam aurat, the average Indian woman!]

Hence ladies, please don’t count on the politicians to change things for you… If you are serious about empowering yourselves, you have to do it yourself . Women have to make some of the above things happen and make the men change — one guy at a time. Assert yourself, don’t back down and be too eager to please the men. If you accept inequality, you are harming womankind , which also translates to half the nation.

This is an edited excerpt from Chetan Bhagat’s essay “The New Vote Bank for Politicians: The Aam Aurat.” You can read the entire essay here.

About the Author

chetan-bhagatChetan Bhagat is an author and columnist. His website is He tweets at @chetan_bhagat

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  1. February 22, 2014 9:48 pm

    Reblogged this on Antropologia e sviluppo and commented:
    Un estratto dell’articolo di Chetan Bhagat.
    India: perché non sarà la classe politica a emancipare le donne.
    Si possono educare le donne, ma questo non le garantirà dal non essere discriminate dai datori di lavoro. Si può evitare l’aborto selettivo delle femmine, ma non che una bambina verrà trattata come un bambino. Un poliziotto può arrestare un molestatore, ma come fermerà i gruppi di uomini che fanno sentire una donna a disagio? Come spiegare loro che una donna ha il diritto di indossare abiti attraenti e apparire sexy, il che non vuol dire che stia chiedendo sesso. Domande scomode che richiedono come risposta una modifica di atteggiamenti maschili. Gli uomini devono accettare meno opportunità per loro sul fronte della carriera, a vantaggio delle donne. Devono imparare a vivere il senso di impotenza dell’essere respinto da una donna (altrimenti è stalking o molestia). Purtroppo nessun politico pretenderà dagli uomini che questo accada. i politici corteggiano il sistema amministrativo dell’uomo medio indiano, non della donna media indiana. Le donne devono cambiare gli uomini, un ragazzo alla volta, non essere troppo ansiose di compiacere gli uomini. Se si accetta la disuguaglianza, si danneggia il genere femminile, ovvero la metà della nazione.


  1. Chetan Bhagat: #Indiens Politikern sind #weibliche #Wählerstimmen ziemlich egal | The 50 Million Missing Campaign: "50 Millionen verschwunden"

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