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Needy #Women and Dogs and Greedy #NGOs

January 16, 2014


the dog lover_rita.banerjiFor all the disillusionment I feel about NGOs, Shikha Bhandari and people like her restitute my faith in human decency. 

Who is Shikha Bhandari? She is one of Kolkata’s unknown heroes.   Her husband works as a guard, and his meager income sustains his whole family.

Despite this economic hardship, twice a day, every day, Shikha cooks a giant bucket of food – rice, vegetables and sometimes chicken or fish if there’s any to spare, and walks around her neighborhood and feeds the street dogs who live there.  She stops at certain spots and the dogs immediately come running to her. Then she puts our large steel plates on the pavements, and with a long ladle, puts generous amounts of food for the dogs and waits for them to have their fill.

She has been doing this for 30 years, ever since she married her husband Swapan Bhandari and moved to…

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