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Video: Woman Politician Beaten Up By A Gang of Men from the Opposition

September 2, 2013

Why would a female political party worker be bashed up by a group of politicians from the opposition?  Apparently — only because of a chair!   When the mayor entered the office, men from the opposition party were sprawled out over all the chairs and didn’t think it was her place to tell one of them to get up so she could sit down.  A fist fight ensued.  When the female worker from the mayor’s party intervened the men turned around and beat her up too!!

Watch the video below  closely.  The female party worker is wearing a yellow top.  Is this collective male rage being vented on a female political worker, simply because of a chair?  Isn’t it indicative of a bigger, underlying male hostility towards women who may be empowered in some way — politically, economically or otherwise?  Ironically, the President of the party that the gang of raging men belong to, the Congress party, is a woman!

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  1. elaine renton permalink
    September 3, 2013 1:31 pm

    This is completely outrageous !!!!! These are not ‘men’ , they are Animals !!!!!! Indian ‘men’ are living in the dark ages . Why do they think it is their right to beat , sexually abuse and rape these poor Women ??? If the abuse in this video happened virtually anywhere else in the World there would be a Public outcry and the Animals responsible would be sent to prison for a very long time !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. September 4, 2013 11:36 pm

    Reblogged this on Social Awareness.

  3. Jyoti permalink
    September 21, 2013 1:37 pm

    Elaine Renton, seriously? Stop calling Indian men animals. These men were beating up on a woman. They were not raping her. Different things. Yes, abusive. Also, notice that this is a news article, obviously, people were outraged. When you are done feeling superior to the “those backward Indians” maybe we could talk. Until then, go to hell. I am an Indian woman, and I don’t need the likes of you on my side. Ugh. You are as bad as “them”.

    • September 21, 2013 3:13 pm

      Jyoti — As an Indian woman you feel more empathetic towards a gang of men bashing up a woman, and think it’s ok because she’s only getting beaten up, not raped? Why are Indian women not outraged by this video, perhaps you can explain that?

  4. Jyoti permalink
    September 22, 2013 12:12 pm

    Rita, if an accusation is to be made against any person, especially by an advocate/activist/social critic, I expect that accusation to be reasoned and accurate. If you have watched the video with any care you would know that this was not a case of abuse of women. This was a case of a planned political intimidation of a sitting mayor by the opposition party. The beating would have happened for some excuse, if not a chair, maybe it would have been over a raised eyebrow. If the assistant had been a man, he would have been bashed up with as much vehemence as the woman assistant was. Here is a case of men attacking other men, and a woman who was also there. Also not acceptable to me, but somehow completely irrelevant to you. This is not a case of Gender Violence. She is not being beaten up because she is a woman, she got beaten up because she was there. I am outraged when any human being is abused, even if he is a man. Also, please take the trouble to point out to me what exactly I said that caused you to imagine that I think “it’s ok” because she’s only getting beaten up, not raped”. You do accept that rape is not the same as getting beaten up, right? Ask any rape survivor if you are not sure. Violence against women that happens because they are women is a different problem from violence in general, no, they are not the same thing. What is problematic to me is that you couldn’t be bothered to not only not view the video that you have posted, but are also not bothering to read the very short post I made. Ugh. Lastly, read Renton’s post again. She says “This is completely outrageous !!!!! ” (me: agreed) “These are not ‘men’ , they are Animals !!!!!!” (me: actually, these are men, not animals. Most Indian men, like most men of any nationality are not violent creatures hell bent on raping) Indian ‘men’ are living in the dark ages (me: no need for the quotation marks, as already mentioned they are in fact men, not animals.) “Why do they think it is their right to beat , sexually abuse and rape these poor Women ???” (me: as a general question it is valid, and applies to many men around the world – I expect it has something to do with their not considering women to be human beings equal to themselves and worthy of equitable treatment, but perhaps you are not really looking for an answer, just an opportunity for name calling, in which case I will leave you to it.) “If the abuse in this video happened virtually anywhere else in the World there would be a Public outcry and the Animals responsible would be sent to prison for a very long time !!!!!!!!!!!!” (me: Don’t be silly Renton, of course there have been cases like this all around the world, including in the US, and yes, usually it does result in public outrage as it has in this instance – the announcer is clearly asking for commentary from the public on how it is that even a woman wasn’t spared the beating – for me the fact that you, Rita, the annoncer, and the public seem to be in agreement is symptomatic of why the social status of Indian women is what it is – You all seem to believe that she should have been spared a beating as a special case because she is just a woman – who like children should not be beaten up even if part of a mele. ) OF COURSE, If misrepresented videos by irresponsible activists allows you feel validated in your sense of superiority, I don’t want you on my side. You Rita, have been caught asleep at the wheel with this video and it’s sensational, inaccurate Header. Video: Woman Politician Beaten Up By A Gang of Men from the Opposition.

    • October 3, 2013 12:55 pm

      Rape is physical violence. It is not sex. Any form of physical violence is a violation of a person’s fundamental human right to safety. It is an odd argument you make. So based on that this could have been a small child, and you’d say, well, it is not child abuse because they’d beat men too if they were angry with men. I think that women in India are taught to protect and defend and explain the violent, misogynistic acts of men. The reason men do this, is because Indian women are allowing it and defending it. If we don’t see that, we won’t change anything.

  5. Kennedy permalink
    December 13, 2013 2:59 pm

    Beating a women show how cowards indian men are..they can put only their power on weak poor women ..if their women like sitting side of those men then their no safety for women.

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