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Thoughts on the Bollywood Song “Hey Love, You can Glue Me on!” (Chipkale Saiyan Fevicol Se)

May 16, 2013

fevicol se

Kareena in the song

by Sunjay JK

Very obviously a large part of India’s male populace is impaired by ingrained patriarchal misogyny and the attitude of being macho bulls! These guys ogle, grope, molest and worse, often inflict domestic violence on women. They damage public property during protests, and litter, ‘scratch’ (their groins) and spit openly…..

 Nowadays, all forms of so-called commercial “art” are happily making lots of profits by pandering to and indeed gratifying these corrupted machismo instincts in Indian men. These are in the form of product advertisements, films, and song and dance sequences in films, that are sleazily called ‘item numbers.’ In effect these unethical ‘products’ in a way legitimize the lewd and depraved way that men think about women, including their control seeking, often violent and criminal behavior…….

That’s what the “Chipkale Saiyan Fevicol Se” (Hey Love, You can Glue Me on!) song and dance sequence (called “Item Number”) in the newly released Bollywood film ‘Dabangg2′ does! This ‘Item No’, and its lyrics, that feature one of Bollyood’s top heroines, Kareena Kapoor, got hugely popular, which helped in increasing the film’s overall buzz and revenues, and in the process, made lots of money for everybody involved, including the producers and sponsors…….

 You can watch the video trailer of Kareena Kapoor dancing in this song below.

But here are some of the lyrics she sings:

When I stretch my body

You can hear the thrilled ‘uhhs’ and ‘ahhs’ from all sides

The way I walk

Men go crazy and make a hell of a noise,

Even those who are alert lose their senses!

Hey Love! Glue my image to your chest

With Fevicol (super-fast glue).

I am always ready and waiting,

You can sway me with just a missed call.

…Come my King

I’ll take you to heaven,

I’ll set fire to your iced water.

When you’ve made all of India your slave

then I am just a chick

You can gulp with a beer, my love!

Another disheartening aspect of this “song” was that it was part of a film created by an important ‘Bollywood’ film banner, and the “song” was sponsored by a leader of Indian film industry via a top advertising company which otherwise has brilliant creative writers, all of who, for commercial self interests, were in denial of the lyrics’ that were so obviously inappropriate and regressive in thought process, in the words used, and in the way it all effectively encouraged the disgusting stereotyping of women as objects…….

That said, I also think that since its inception 100 years ago, the Indian film industry, has done more than its bit for gender equality and empowerment, making it cool in many films, creating awareness, and changing attitudes outside of films too.

Over the past few years, and particularly since the Delhi rape protests, I feel the industry has become more sensitive to critical women and gender issues. For instance actress Priyanka Chopra recently insisted on first studying and approving the lyrics of her ‘Item No’ song and dance in a big film she was doing, a move applauded by all activists, including veteran actress and women’s activist Shabana Azmi …..

 Though they have brought about a lot of good, I believe that social change is not just the Indian film makers’ job, but alongside creative integrity it has to be a paramount factor in their works. The Indian film fraternity, and its associates (in funding, promotion, distribution) should also ensure that no aspect of their art is compromised in an exploitative way seeking illegit popularity and profits.


Sunjay JK blogs at . His twitter handle is @SunjayJK

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7 Comments leave one →
  1. Rees Gallacher permalink
    May 17, 2013 1:43 pm

    Anybody else reminded of Meatloaf and Cher in “Dead Ringer for Love” in the 90’s?

  2. May 21, 2013 1:40 pm

    I believe the only way of dealing with this is of making a series of movies in which the first makes the audience fall in love with the female leads as would be engendered in a simular movie then making a sequel in which the honor killing and abuse happens to the characters they love ,with appropriate consquences to follow.

  3. May 28, 2013 4:00 pm

    A Writ Petition is pending in Delhi High Court in which the makers, actors are the parties, i am just not mentioning the name here being the matter in court of law. Such instincts makes the young boy’s so emotional and sensational that they becomes uncontrollable by the society. Either the GOI should erase all lessons of moral educations from the books or it should stop all that. Where is Sensor Board? I am unable to digest that when everything in life seems for making money only then why we people talks about morals and moral education for our childrens. I am not so intelligent, nor so intellectual or a genius to advice further more. Such things hurt the feelings of a number of masses like me but nothing seems there to stop them!

    • Debnandini permalink
      July 23, 2013 10:34 am

      what is wrong about showing off your feminity and portraying your sexuality in an attractive way? dont you think a woman should have the right to do that without getting raped?

  4. May 30, 2013 10:54 pm

    In the long run the only ones with the power to stop them are the men themselves,or putting them in a cage.

  5. Debnandini permalink
    July 23, 2013 10:42 am

    I am sorry to say that I completely disagree. The next thing you will say is women are not allowed to wear shorts or bikinis because that makes men stare and objectify women. I say why cant you take an entertaining song as entertainment and NOT use it to justify the societies misdoings? there is a stark difference between a funny sexy perverted song in which the woman (or the man) willingly plays the love object…….and men in a society objectifying women. nobody has a problem when john abraham shows off his butt. women dont suddenly start considering men as sex slaves seeing john or hritik. do they?

  6. August 4, 2013 6:26 pm

    1.”I also think that since its inception 100 years ago, the Indian film industry, has done more than its bit for gender equality and empowerment.” Could you give some examples?
    2. The Indian film fraternity .. should ensure that no aspect of their art is compromised in an exploitative way seeking illegit popularity and profits.” Is this song the only element that “compromises art” in Bollywood movies? If the concept of item no.s didn’t exist in Bollywood (think 20 years back), do you think Bollywood movies could have been elevating works of art in that case?

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