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Late-term Forced Female Fetal Abortions Earn Doctors Millions in India

December 10, 2012

Investigations now show, that many of the female fetal abortions in India, are late term abortions, sometimes extending into the eight month of pregnancy.

This is often to ensure that the fetus being aborted is a girl, for as much as families want to rid girls, they also want to ensure they are not losing a son! Most of these abortions are forced on women.  This is why many women are dying because of these abortions in India.

However since the life, health and safety of the mother is immaterial, these late-term abortions continue to be forced on women, and it is the medical fraternity that’s getting rich from it.  One husband and wife team that ran a clinic, that did late term female fetal abortions, were found to have amassed US$ 21.7 million in assets.

Full report here

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