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60% of Nurses at India’s Largest Hospital are Victims of Domestic/ Sexual Violence

September 25, 2012

New Delhi, August 16, 2012


photo by Scott Carney

A recent study on the prevalence of domestic violence suffered by the nurses at AIIMS (The All India Institute of Medical Sciences) in Delhi, showed that close to 60% of the nurses were subject to some form of domestic violence. The study, authored by Kamlesh Kumari Sharma and Manju Vatsa of the AIIMS College of Nursing and published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, states that physical and sexual violence affects the nurses’ physical and mental health and leads to an inability to concentrate, loss of confidence in their ability and inability to work.

“Over half of the study subjects (56.7 per cent) reported that physical or sexual violence affected their overall well-being. Being slapped was the most common act of physical violence (40 per cent), 18.86 per cent nurses were physically abused while pregnant. Worse, 45.8 per cent of the physically abused victims were kicked/beaten when pregnant,’’ noted the studyFull Report here

For other newspaper reports of incidents of violence against women and girls in India CLICK HERE

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Scott Carney is a  member of The 50 Million Missing Campaign’s Photographers Group on Flickr  which is supported by more than 2400 photographers from around the world.   To see more of each of his works, please click here.

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