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Voice of The Campaign at William Mason High School, U.S.A.

March 29, 2011

Hello Friends,

So far our Voice of The Campaign Project had been focusing on reaching out mainly to College and University campuses around the world, but because of the success of a presentation made by two high school students at the William Mason High School, in Ohio, U.S.A., we are now also inviting High School students to join in on our Voice of The Campaign Project.

Zeenia Madan and Olivia Bergesen, who are both Class 12 students of the William Mason High School, recently made a presentation to their class.  And this is what they say about how they decided to choose the subject of female genocide (femicide) in India, and what the response to their presentation was.

For our English class we had to find an injustice that occurs in the world and research about it. This was our project for the whole trimester. Zeenia’s parents are from India, and Zeenia was actually born in Mumbai, India, but has lived in the U.S. for most of her life. When we had to find a topic that interested us,  Zeenia  brought up the topic of  Female Infanticide in India.  She had heard of this from her parents and also from her family who live in India.  She also remembered reading about it in the newspaper one summer when she was visiting India and she wanted to know more about it.  Zeenia’s mom actually watches some of the Indian soap operas and Zeenia remember her watching one show that actually had the lead protagonist fighting against female genocide. When Zeenia’s mom gave us some more information about this, we started to gain an interest in this subject.

Then while researching, we put in female infanticide in google search and this is when we came across The 50 Million Missing Campaign. We gained a lot of information from your website. One part of our research was to interview someone who was either an expert/activist on the issue or someone who is from the country where such an injustice is occurring. This is when we tried to get in touch with the campaign founder, Rita Banerji for an interview. As we kept researching more, we realized that female genocide occurred a lot because of dowry reasons. Zeenia actually knew quite a bit about dowry since her family is from india and every family has to go through some form of dowry giving there.  So Zeenia asked her mom about it and she actually told her a few stories that occured in her own family. Even though it wasn’t such a big deal in Zeenia’s mom’s family, she told her about some instances about people she has known who have had to give dowry. We also had to interview someone who was just a citizen of India and knew about the cultural way of life there. For this we interview Zeenia’s friend’s mother who is also Indian. She told us stories about dowry and just the male and female roles in society. All of this information then helped us put together our presentation.

Our presentation went very well. People were very interested in knowing about our topic. Our teacher actually liked our topic a lot and so she decided to use us and our information as a “model” for other students’ presentations. We used the information we got from our interview with Rita Banerji and some information we got from other reliable sources and put together a ppt presentation which had to be 30 mins long. People in our class and our teacher were so interested in our topic that our presentation actually went over 40 mins. We basically focused on female genocide and gender inequality. We basically spread awareness to students such an injustice.  Thank you once again for being in touch with us and helping us with our project. You had a very large hand in making it successful. We really hope that you become successful in your fight against female genocide.

Thank you once again for your help,

Zeenia Madan and Olivia Bergesen

Thank you also to you Zeenia and Olivia! You have been a big help to us in spreading the word!  We hope that your post here will inspire other High School students to do the same.

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