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Help Pass The IVAWA (The International Violence Against Women Act)

February 8, 2011

To All U.S. Citizens,

This is a post to inform you about and seek your help in pushing for the passage of IVAWA (the International Violence Against Women Act).  This is one of the 3 main focuses of The 50 Million Missing Campaign for 2011.

To help pass the IVAWA we urge all U.S. citizens to contact their Senators/Representatives and urge them to pass the IVAWA.  There is link at the bottom of this post through which you can easily locate your senators and send them a brief message.

The IVAWA is a monumental step towards an effort of zero tolerance for systemic violence against girls and women around the world.   It is critical to the work of Campaigns like ours working to eliminate violence against women.

Why is the IVAWA Needed?

The IVAWA is a long overdue recognition of the fact that, globally, women as a social group, have suffered more violence than any other group.  This entails not only the violence suffered during war and ethnic clashes (as in mass rape), but also that violence that has been silenced in the name of family, culture and domesticity.

An overview of the global figures on violence against women compiled by Amnesty International reveals a horrifying scenario:

  • Only 3 countries in the world have legislation that specifically addresses violence against women as a category of criminal activity (Bangladesh, Sweden and USA).
  • At least 1 in every 3 women globally, has been beaten, raped, coerced into sex, or otherwise subject to physical violence in her lifetime.
  • Up to 70% of female murder victims are killed by their male partners
  • More than 135 million women have been subjected to (FGM) female genital mutilation and an additional 2 million girls are at risk each year (6,000 new cases every day).
  • 79 countries have no (or unknown) legislation against domestic violence.
  • Only 16 nations have legislation specifically referring to sexual assault.

The 50 Million Missing Campaign in Context of IVAWA

The focus of our campaign is the ongoing female genocide (femicide) in India.  In 3 generations more than 50 million girls and women have been selectively annihilated from India’s population – through feticide, infanticide, dowry murders, honor killings, and witch hunts.  They’ve been targeted only because they are female. As a result where the gender ratio of any human society is about 1:1, this gender-based killing of women in India has resulted in a population where men outnumber women by more than 62 million!  Ask yourself this: What would the response of the world have been if any other social group—based on religion, race or nationality, had been similarly targeted and annihilated in the millions? And this: Why should our response be any different when the group is victimized solely on the basis of gender?

What Will The IVAWA Do?

Critically for IVAWA “the focus is on transparency, accountability, inclusion, and longevity” of proposed projects and strategies. The IVAWA will:

  • mandate the appointment of high level individuals in both the U.S. State Department and USAID to be responsible for the issue;
  • require interagency coordination, monitoring and evaluation of programs and regular briefings to Congress;
  • provide comprehensive, five-year individual country plans for 5-20 countries with high levels of violence against women and girls;
  • offer instruction on preventing and responding to violence against women and girls in Department of Defense (DoD) trainings for foreign military, police, and judicial officials;
  • provide a strong programmatic component to respond to violence against women in humanitarian relief,  peacekeeping, conflict, and post-conflict settings; and
  • spotlight widespread violence against women and girls in real time – such as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – by requiring the Secretary of State to develop emergency response plans.

What You Can Do To Help Pass IVAWA

In December 2010, in what was a historic vote, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the bill on IVAWA.

Therefore the goal for 2011 is to get the IVAWA passed by the U.S. House and Senate.

For this we need for all U.S. residents to contact their Senators/Representatives and urge them to pass the IVAWA.

For All American Residents:

1.       Click on this link, to locate and contact your Senator/Representative, and send them an email, telling them to pass the IVAWA.  You can also include in your message a link to this post.

2.       Send a link of this post to all your friends via email, facebook etc. urging them all to do the same.

For all Non-Americans:

Send a link of this post to all your American friends via email, facebook etc. urging them to contact their representatives/Senators and urging them to pass the IVAWA.

© The 50 Million Missing Campaign. All Rights Reserved. Please see our copyright notice.

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  1. February 8, 2011 1:17 pm

    good campaign again!

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