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What is the Real Reason that Women are Killed in India?

October 20, 2010

photo credit: I am nothing...© All Rights Reserved

by Kalpana Sharma in The Hindu

Savita Kasture who lives with her three children in Ulhasnagar, a depressing industrial township on the outskirts of Mumbai. Some months back, her husband, Sithu, left home without explanation. Savita was forced to find work and also to borrow money from her neighbour for her survival needs. One day, without offering any explanation about his disappearance, her husband returned. On learning that Savita had taken up a job, something that he had forbidden her to do, he flew into a rage. While she slept next to him, he cut off her nose and then threatened to kill their 11-year-old son…Worse still, when the police caught the husband, he admitted to the crime and said, “My wife disobeyed my instructions and I decided to teach her a lesson.”

That is the key. “Teach her a lesson”. Men continue to teach women “lessons” by raping them, beating them, torturing them and even murdering them ;”surely, boys who grow up seeing the kind of violence that led to Savita’s husband’s vile actions could decide that that is the norm in how to treat “your” women.

For behind the action is a mentality of possession, of ownership, of a belief that men know best what is good for women, that women must silently obey — or face the consequences. Whether it is honour killings, dowry deaths or defacement, the motivation is identical — the desire to assert power, full control, over another person…The statistical graph of violence against women will continue to climb until we can find a way to crack this belief in male superiority, in the undiluted conviction in millions of men that they were born to rule, to control and to be obeyed.. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE


I am Nothing…is a supporting photographer of the 50MM pool on flickr.  To know more about her and to see her other works please visit her site by clicking here.

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  1. Shamsun Nahar permalink
    October 26, 2010 4:10 am

    Yes men always teach the women by torturing, abusing, create an environment where women would have to commit suicide, even burn themselves with their children, throw self to the train line etc. Recently in Bangladesh women are in suicidal tendency. Not only women but girl child also. Women are victim of polygamy, mental harassments, inheritance of family wealth. Women are receiving micro credits, so when she collects installments and keep them in a safe place, their husband find out it and take them away. When women want them back husband starts torturing. It seems this is a competition on innovation of process of committing suicide. The police and law enforcement body is taking initiative to take the abusers to the prosecution, however very little cases are undertaken seriously. So I am fully agreed with the writer.

  2. October 30, 2010 11:23 am

    Yesterday eve teasers murdered a mother. Mother took a step against of this eve teasers at Madhukhali, an Upazila of Faridpur district situated in the south west part of Bangladesh. She wanted her twin girls, students of grade ten to go to school and obtain higher degree. This mother was a clerk of Sugar factory and father was a supervisor of Bangladesh Palli Unnayn Board. Brother of this late lady suited a case to local police station, however still no body was arrested. The teasers father is business person sales wine. The local people moved against this. We want a justice and want government take initiative against these teasers to stop this kind of events.

  3. emery permalink
    January 6, 2012 11:43 pm

    its like the whole country is living in the dark ages!

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