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Auto Drivers #Gang #Rape 14-yr-old Girl in Kerala

September 30, 2015

Andhra Pradesh, 27 Sept 2015

Police on arrested two auto-rickshaw drivers on charges of kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl in Tadepalligudem.

Police arrested Gandrotu Lakshman of Jangareddigudem and his close friend Srinu of Tadepalligudem, both auto-rickshaw drivers. The girl was a resident of Jangareddigudem, studying in class 9 in a local school.

Deputy superintendent of police J. Venakta Rao said Lakshman kidnapped the girl and a classmate of hers while they were on their way back to home from school on September 18. The classmate returned home the next day and her mother lodged a complaint with the police.

Deprived of #Land Ownership, Indian #Women are Stripped of #Power

September 29, 2015

Hindu women & property: Myth vs reality

Indian Women provide more than half of all agricultural labour yet own less than 13 per cent of all land. In fact this national average is considerably lower, and is spiked up only by inclusion of states like Kerala, where women own 43 per cent of landed property. Daughters inherit property from their mothers in a few matriarchal communities in the South. In northern states, women’s right over property remain entangled in moorings of the past, despite progressive laws. Land ownership a strong tool of empowerment– eludes women, despite the guarantee of legal framework. Criminal cases related to property ownership of women in urban areas, such as Panchkula, would reflect the enormity of social bias that runs through society against women’s true empowerment. Anuradha Adhikari  received a two-canal house, bequeathed by her mother.  

The house was registered in Anuradha’s name in 2004 and a registered will to the effect was left in the custody of their family lawyer by her mother, a medical professional. The lawyer sold the house to two different buyers without her consent, after manipulating the Will. When Anuradha contested the Will, the lawyer offered a sound justification for his actions, which are in tune with the political history of land ownership in the region. “What for does a single woman need property worth crores?” he contested. Despite Anuradha’s education and a sound social background, she had to partially concede to the lawyer’s demand. Else, she would be involved in a long-drawn legal battle. Gift and sale deeds registered in favour of male members in Punjab and Haryana. In some cases the land is automatically registered in the girl’s name but remains in de facto possession of the brother. “If we go by the number of women demanding share in property, it’s not even one per cent. They are told, you got your share in dowry and they believe it,” says Santosh Dahiya, the first-ever woman national president of Sarv Jatiya Maha Panchayat. “Gap in knowledge of gender and property ownership is more pronounced for urban women than it is for rural women,” says Bipasha Baruah author of Women and Property in Urban India. A strong correlation has been established between landlessness and poverty.

Director of a Children’s Home #Raped and Impregnated a 14-year-old #Girl

September 28, 2015

Chennai, 4 Sept 2015

A 65 year old man running a children’s home was arrested for raping a 14-year-old girl who lived there. J Prabudass (65) who was running a children’s home in Madambakkam was arrested by police for raping a 14-yar-old girl. The crime came to light when the 14-year-old delivered a baby girl at a government hospital on August 31. Doctors at the hospital informed the police after they had suspicions. The girl informed the police that the man has been sexually abusing her for over a year.

#HIV Man in Mumbai #Raped His Two Daughters for 10 Years

September 25, 2015

Mumbai, 7 Sept 2015,

A 40-year-old man who has AIDS was arrested last week for raping his daughters. He had been on medication for a year. One of the girls is 12 years old. The eldest daughter, who is now 21, had been raped repeatedly for 10 years.
The girls’ mother has told the police that she knew about the rapes since 2005, when the eldest daughter was raped for the first time at the age of 11. She said her daughter had told her about the sexual assault, but she had decided to keep mum to ensure that their family’s reputation did not suffer.

Orissa: Villagers Lynch a Woman and Her Family After Branding her a #Witch

September 23, 2015

20 Sept 2015, Orissa,

17-year-old Ganita Munda is haunted by the sound of his family’s screams as a “witch-hunting” gang killed them in their home. The teenager remembers breaking free of the attackers and fleeing his rural village home in Orissa state to a nearby forest where he hid alone in the dark for hours.  parents and four of his brothers and sisters dead, including one as young as three. A mob of villagers chanting “kill the witch” attacked Ganita’s family. Though the villagers claimed that Ganita’s mother was causing children to fall sick and hence was a witch, which is the superstition often ascribed to witch hunts, studies show many witch lynchings are often an attempt to grab land or property or settle a personal score. See:

Mother Strangles Her Children and Hangs Herself Due to #Dowry Torture

September 22, 2015

9 Sept, 2015, Indore

26-year-old Shraddha Jat strangled her two children to death and then killed herself.   Her daughter Pari was one year old and her son Rajveer was three. Police have also recovered a suicide note in which the Shradha wrote about torture for dowry. Shraddha’s father said that her husband and in-laws had been persistently harassing her for Rs. 5 Lakhs and physically abusing her.

4-month-old Baby #Girl Strangled to Death by Her Father in New #Delhi

September 21, 2015

Image result for girl baby india

Sept 19, 2015, Delhi

A four-month-old girl was strangled to death by her father in Delhi’s Chandni Mahal area. The father, 30 year old Khaleel who has four other daughters, and wanted a son, was upset that his fifth child too was a girl. He was reported by his wife to the police who arrested and presented before a court, which has sent him to 14-days’ judicial custody.


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