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We Won Katerva’s People’s Choice Honorable Mention! Thank You All!

April 17, 2014

katerva bigDear Friends,

In March we had informed you that The 50 Million Missing Campaign had been selected as a Finalist for the 2013 Katerva Award in the Gender Equality Category. We had also requested your support in Katerva’s People’s Choice open voting.

We thank you all for your heart-felt support, and your vote of confidence in the work we do.  It just won us Katerva’s People’s Choice Honorable Mention!!!

The Katerva Award highlights the most ground-breaking projects from around the world and has been referred to as “the Nobel Prize of Sustainability.”

Katerva has 10 categories for award nominations, and 2013 had 12 nominees and 5 finalists for each category.  To view the other nominees, finalists and winners in Katerva’s 2013 Gender Equality Category, as well as the other categories click here

For a list of the 2013 Katerva Awards winners click here.

To know how 20% of women have been systematically exterminated from India click here

We thank you much for you support!  The only reason we have been able to work tirelessly for the last 8 years to end what we believe to be one of grossest human rights violations of this century is because of our half a million supporters from over 200 countries.  Your support is our power!

with gratitude,

The 50 Million Missing Administrators

Rita Banerji

Manvendra Bhangui

Caroline Martin

Roxane Metzger

Girendra Singh

Lars-Gunnar Svärd

Andrea Wlazik



Why #Indian #Women Must Vote #NOTA in the 2014 #Election

April 6, 2014


vote none of the above


NOTA is a voting option provided to Indian citizens for the first time in the April 07- May 12, 2014 elections.  NOTA stands for “None of The Above.” When a voter presses the NOTA button they will indicate that they are rejecting all the political parties and their candidates standing for this election.


why are rapists sitting in parliamentOver the last two decades there has been serious concern about the escalating presence of criminals in Indian government and political parties.  With each election the inclusion of these criminals increases.  In the 2004 election, 24% of Members of Parliament (MPs) had pending criminal charges against them. In the 2009 election their numbers had risen to 30% with a majority of these cases carrying serious charges of rape, murder, extortion and other forms of violence against women, such as molestations, stalking, and dowry related violence and/or murder. The state wise breakdown of criminal politicians reveals some appalling statistics.  Read more…

Why Are Indian #Films Confused About #Sex, #Rape and #Prostitution?

March 27, 2014

jism posterWhile pornographic packaging of female sexuality is blatantly used to hard sell Indian films, a woman’s libido and her consensual sex with partners of her own choosing continue to be “controversial” topics in Indian cinema.   Forced marriages are not portrayed as rape.   The marriage of rape victims to their rapists is often seen as a form of justice.  And parents who prostitute their daughters are not viewed as pimps.  In an article where she takes a critical look at how Bollywood films treat the subject of rape, consensual sex and prostitution,  Rita Banerji argues that the reason Indian films fail to address these issues in a meaningful way is because the film makers, like the rest of Indian society,  have failed to affirm a woman’s right and choice over her own body and sexuality.  

Below is are two excerpts from this article.  To read the full article on the Gender Forum Journal click on this link :


by Rita Banerji

Excerpts from “Bollywood Baffled Over Sex, Rape and Prostitution”   in Gender Forum Issue 46 (2013) ·  Read more…

Vote The @50millionmissin Campaign for the Katerva People’s Choice Award!

March 8, 2014

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to inform you that The 50 Million Missing Campaign to end female gendercide in India was selected as a Finalist for the 2013 Katerva Award in the Gender Equality Category.  The Katerva Award highlights the most ground-breaking projects from around the world and has been referred to as “the Nobel Prize of Sustainability.”

Katerva also has the People’s Choice Award, where it invites the public to choose a finalists they feel has the most to offer the world. Read more…

#Video Response to 10 Questions on #India’s Female #Gendercide

March 2, 2014

In the video below, campaign founder Rita Banerji responds to 10 of the most frequently asked questions on India’s female gendercide in her first video Q&A response.  The questions which were a part of an e-interview with college students in Delhi are listed below the video. If you have additional questions please leave them in the comment box.  BELOW IS THE FULL VERSION OF THIS VIDEO WHICH IS 40 MINUTES.  FOR A 15 MIN. EDITED VERSION CLICK HERE

The questions answered in the above video in sequence are:

  1. Can female gendercide ever end given how entrenched it is in Indian culture and religion?
  2. Why do parents not give up baby girls for adoption instead of killing them?
  3. What’s the use advocating for the rights of the girl child when we cannot even Read more…

Chetan Bhagat: Politicians Don’t Really Care for #India’s #Women #Voters

February 22, 2014

by Chetan Bhagat

Why is the real solution to women’s empowerment [in India] unlikely to come from the political class?…Well, [because] any step [by the government] to women’s empowerment that doesn’t conflict with men might see the light of the day… steps [that] do not impinge on the great Indian man.

Voting for Delhi Assembly[So] while you may educate women, how will you ensure employers do not discriminate between men and women recruits? You may be able to save a girl child from being aborted, but how will you ensure the child is looked after as well as a male child? You may have a policeman who can arrest a molester, but how will you stop groups of men from leering at a woman in a bus, and making her feel uncomfortable ? How do you explain to men Read more…

Our Response to The Letter: My #Husband and His Family Tried to #Kill Me!

February 15, 2014
domestic violence is crime

The 50 Million Missing Campaign receives many emails from Indian women sharing their problems and asking for advice. Two days ago we received a letter from a young woman, which we found very distressing.   The story in this letter is not uncommon and we’ve heard it repeating in too many homes in India.  This is why we are publishing this letter (with names and details concealed) with our advice to this young woman and to all women in this situation.  Please listen to our advice!

Below is the letter we received from this young woman:

I don’t know what to say.  Right now I am seriously very upset and I am not able to think what to do.  What decision should I take now?  Today my brother-in-law and his wife both have tried to kill me and my husband has also helped them.  They have been continuously torturing me after Read more…


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